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Flowers never fail to amuse a woman. Its rich looks, vibrant colour, wonderful smell, and the loving and comforting message it expresses unfailingly lifts a low spirit and lightens any bad mood. And the most common flower being sent as a present is a rose. Undeniably, roses will always be a classic favorite. Wondering why? Read on and find out why a rose never leaves the top spot in the list of most loved and most popular flowers.

The Science of the Rose

The Rose family, or Rosaceae has over 2000 species and 95 genera. Belonging to that classification is the genus Rosa where rose comes from. A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant which means they appear only once a season. They grow as shrubs with trailing stems that have sharp thorns. Roses can grow even in extreme weather conditions and they surely attract birds and insects because of their colourful hip or fruit. Rose plants vary in size and may be compact and small and may also reach a height of 7 meters.
Roses typically have five petals although one species contains only four. These flowers are insect-pollinated. The thorns that we see at the stem are technically called prickles and these are outgrowths on the outer tissue layer of the stem. These thorns help the plant hang onto other plants when grown together with other foliage.

The Classification of the Rose

Horticulturists classify Rose or the genus Rosa into 4 subgenera: the Rosa, the Platyrhodon, Hesperrhodos, and Hulthemia.
The Platyrhodon includes Rosa roxburghii which comes from east Asia while Hesperrhodos contains Rosa stellata and Rosa minutifolia from North America. Hulthemia has the southwest Asia species which are Rosa persica and Rosa berberiflora. The Rosa subgenus contains all the other species.
Apart from scientifically classifying roses, they may also be classified according to their date of introduction or cultivation. The Wild Species group includes the native roses while the Old Garden Rose group includes roses introduced before 1867. Old Garden Roses are extremely fragrant and characterized by double flowered blooms.  Roses from this period somehow looks like the common rose that we are all familiar with. Modern Rose is a group recognized by the American Rose Society (ARS) to represent roses introduced after 1867.
Roses from the Wild Species group are the parents of the roses we see today. They are the simple 5-petaled roses with brightly coloured hips and they commonly grow in the wild. The Japanese Rose or the Rosa rugosa is one of the roses categorized in this group.
Roses from Old Garden category includes the very fragrant China Rose, Moss, Centifolia, Alba, Damask and the Bourbon, Portland and Hybrid Perpetual which are tolerant to extreme winter weather and diseases.
The most popular kind of rose, the one that first comes to our mind when we refer to rose is called the Hybrid Tea Rose. It belongs to the Modern category along with Floribunda and Grandiflora. The English rose and the Queen Elizabeth rose is part of this category.

The Ornamental Value of the Rose

Being flowering plants, roses are ornamental plants that will look perfect in anyone’s garden. Since 500 BC, roses have been cultivated for ornamental use. Only a few hybrids and species are grown for other purposes.
Even in art, you may notice how roses become the favored subject in illustrations, paintings, and portraits. You can even see roses as architectural elements.

The Language of the Rose

While there is a little study about the language of flowers, there is no harm in understanding and observing it. Flower language is spoken through the flower’s colours. When talking about roses, specific colours express specific meanings.
Red roses are believed to be expressive of true love and passion. Red roses are commonly given for romantic purposes and a red rose is an ideal flower present when proposing for marriage. The red colour also signifies courage and respect hence red roses may also be given as a congratulatory flower present.

Pink roses look sweet and gentle and express happiness and pleasure. These may be given when expressing admiration to someone.
White is a colour of purity and innocence hence white roses is perfect for weddings and even for funerals.
Yellow roses signify joy, gladness and friendship and may express your care and gratitude for a friend. Some, however, interpret yellow roses as a symbol of jealousy.
Lavender roses look very regal and enchanting hence perfect for someone whom you treat as a queen or a princess.
Light Pink Roses look graceful enough for subtly showing affection or admiration.
Dark pink ones may symbolise gratitude, good health, and love. The blushing colour speaks about love and life.
The Peachy Pink colour expresses gratitude and appreciation as well as sympathy. The color is not too loud not too pale and makes a perfect flower present to express sincerity.
The bright orange roses will surely brighten one’s gloomy day as it speaks of enthusiasm and fascination.
The language of roses is not exclusive to its colour as meanings can also be derived from the actual species. Carolina Rose or the low rose that is native to eastern North America comes in a light pink colour but communicates the idea of love as a dangerous thing. The famous hybrid tea roses communicate the message “I will remember you always.”

The Gift of A Rose

Sending flowers as gifts can surely send your message across. What more when you send the most popular type of flower?
Florists from all over the world are well aware of the fact that roses will forever be the most preferred type of flower. With its many variety, its vivid colours, its velvety smooth texture, its fragrance and its elegance, why would anyone skip the rose and choose another flower breed?
It is believed that the following breeds are the most popular rose types in the world:
  • Red Hybrid Tea called Chrysler Imperial Rose
  • Pink and White Small Ballerina
  • Blaze Climbing Rose
  • Pink Bonica
  • Red and white Hybrid Tea Rose called Double Delight
  • White Floribunda called Iceberg
  • Classic Mister Lincoln Red Hybrid Tea
  • Queen Elizabeth Pink grandiflora
When given as a gift, roses can express your message alone or in groups. A single red rose is enough to send the message of passionate love. A dozen roses make a spectacular arrangement that signifies opulence and the desire to lavish one with love and care. A cluster of seven roses is even grand enough to make a statement.
Whatever arrangement you choose, your flower will surely be received especially if it has the presence of the rich, elegant, and exquisite rose.

Roses in Australia

It is obvious that there are plenty of rose lovers in all parts of the world. In Australia alone, there is a rose society in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, and Western Australia. Apart from these, there is also the National Rose Society of Australia and the Australian Rose Breeders Association. These rose societies support local rose enthusiasts in their hobby or business of growing roses.
While some believed that roses cannot thrive in Queensland’s climate, rose growers proved them otherwise. The Rose Society in Queensland is active in holding rose shows and the members regularly meet together to exchange thoughts and feelings about rose growing.
The National Rose Society of Australia supports each of the rose society’s annual rose show held in the spring and in the autumn season. The Rose Show showcases the breeds grown by local rose growers and a variety of flower arrangements using roses.
There is also the famous Renmark Rose Festival in River Murray which features activities, demonstrations and displays of roses. The National Rose Collection of Australia can also be found at Ruston’s Roses located in Renmark.

Roses from Lily’s Florist

There are so many reasons why people fall in love in the beauty of the rose. Whatever reason you have for choosing roses as flower gifts, we assure you that your intentions will be understood and appreciated by the recipient.
Lily’s Florist is pleased to extend to you its services of arranging and delivering rose flower arrangements. We have an extensive range of flower products and we use only the freshest and most vibrant roses grown from the finest nurseries in the land. Our first-class roses are guaranteed to have a rich and velvety texture and a luxurious and marvelous appeal.

Whether you prefer the popular hybrid tea rose or a grandiflora, or perhaps a miniature rose, we can source it for you, arrange it into a fabulous and expressive ensemble, and deliver it on time right to the recipient’s door. We can deliver the same day as you purchased provided that your orders are placed before 2pm. Together with the roses, you can add other flowers, some foliage, or maybe a stuffed toy or some chocolates. Your personal message is of course included in the package.
Ordering is very convenient and easy. You can check our website and see if any arrangement interests you. If you are having a hard time selecting one, you can speak to our friendly florists and discuss your flower needs. Our team of local florists can provide professional advice on which type and colour of rose to get.

So give mum a nice bunch of large, round Glowing Peace roses for Mother’s Day and express how grateful you are for having her. A salmon pink floribunda would be perfect for a friend who has just given birth while the large Double Delight hybrid tea rose would make a great present for someone recovering from illness. The dark velvety red roses are of course for the love of your life.

Whatever type of rose you choose, whatever flower and foliage combination you prefer, Lily’s Florist can turn it into a stunning arrangement that is expressive of your sincerity and love.

Let the beauty and splendor of roses captivate the recipient’s heart and soul. And let Lily’s Florist’s expertise help you achieve that goal.
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